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Pest Control: The scart truth about wasps

Discovering wasps on your property can be a very scary experience. Unlike other insects that are harmless, these intruders can pose a danger to adults, children and pets. It is important not to take the responsibility of finding the type of wasp removal Philippines properties need lightly once you suspect an infestation is taking place. Take a moment today to learn about the ways these winged intruders can pose health risks and threaten the structural integrity of a home or building.
When Does Wasp Activity Begin?
Wasp colonies typically begin in the spring. A colony originates when warmer weather encourages a queen to emerge from hibernation. A queen will use this period to gather her strength after a long stretch of resting. She is very vulnerable during this small window of time. Her next goal is to find a suitable nesting place so she can begin laying eggs and build her empire.
What Attracts Wasps to a Nesting Site?
There are many reasons why a colony chooses to populate a particular location. It is believed that wasps return to the same spot year after year because of pheromones that are left behind. It is important to note that a queen may choose a spot that is in a hollow tree, house, compost box, shed or other structure that is on a typical property. In addition, a colony may spring up underground.
Why Are Wasps Destructive?

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10 Tips To Make Your Home Termite Proof

Read on to Know How to Avoid a Termite Infestation.

The word termite spells out an absolute nightmare for any home owner. Even if you are a tenant you sure wouldn’t want to live in a home that you know has an infestation of termites.
Termites are those domestic pests that can destroy the property you’ve put in your hard-earned money into. Early detection is an absolute must to gain control over the situation.
You can take precautionary measures to protect you home but in case of a severe infestation it is best to call a professional. With their expertise, they will be able to offer the right solutions for the infestation.
Here are some tips to keep your house free from a termite infestation:
⦁ Avoid having landscapes around your home – Although landscapes add to the beauty of your home all that greenery is sure to attract termites. There’s no point adding things to make your home look more beautiful when the home itself gets destroyed due to termite infestation. All that nature surrounding your home is the perfect way for termites to get into your home. This entirely defeats your efforts to control the infestation. Removal of landscapes is a must!
⦁ Fix all water leaks –Moisture is one of the factors that make a place an ideal home for termites. Termites tend to look for water and a water leakage is like a trail that leads termites to the perfect place to live in. Regular maintenance will ensure early detection of such leakages so that you can decide for the necessary solutions.
⦁ Drainage – Ensure that your drainage is fixed and works well, without any leakage. It is important that all appliances or utilities in your home lead to a proper drain. Water collecting in and around your home can also attract termites.
⦁ Regular inspection of wood and other stored products – Wood or products made with wood are capable of housing termites, which can lead to an infestation. Avoid storing them in your house and if you absolutely must, place it on something termite-resistant like stones.
⦁ Exercise caution during building improvements – You may want to make some enhancements to your home or within the home’s structure. However, ensure that any wood that you add is termite treated. It is also important that you do not create entryways for termites in the process of improving the house. It is best to contact a contractor and hear his solutions to how you should go about with the enhancements.
⦁ Regular inspection of your lawn – Your lawn could easily attract termites hence keep having a look from time to time. In case you do spot a termite or the nest itself it is best to call a professional. A professional will be acquainted with the solutions for control and will know the technique for ⦁ removal of the termites so that they do not shift into your home or get exposed to the general public.
⦁ Inspection of wood in your home –Keep checking the wood in your home for early signs of an infestation like pockets or ripples. If you happen to poke around and your hand goes through the wood, place a duct tape over that area and get in touch in with a professional immediately.
⦁ Deal with the best contractor – Do not compromise in your dealings with the contractor, verify all you need to avoid problems with your house structure in the future.
⦁ Frequent assessments – Ensure you conduct regular pest inspections. With their expertise, they will know what to look out for and how to locate the nest if there is one. This will help in early detection and the right solutions, which could help protect your property.
⦁ Opt for pest protection – Right from the time of construction, ensure that pest protection is built into the structure of the house. Placing screens within the dirt and underneath the cement will prevent termites from entering your property from quite a distance. A little extra investment in the start will preserve your property longer and ward off unnecessary expenditure.
With these 10 tips in place you will be able to keep a termite infestation away. If you still happen to develop a termite problem get in touch with a professional who will be able to carry out a thorough inspection and also offer you a range of solutions.

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How Can a Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Make a Wise Investment?

When you are considering purchasing a house, you should be very certain what type of a building you are investing in.
Once you have a building for purchase in view, to make sure you have made the right decision it’s important for you to have, a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.
It’s very important for you to have a pre-purchase building inspection done to make sure you are not making a bad purchase, being aware of the conditions of the structure of building in question so as to discover whether there are any cracks, leaks, weak points in the structure, dampness, and any other condition being well aware before you make a bad investment.
Many a time, on the surface all seems to look good but later pest and other problems seem to surface. When you get an inspection done those hidden flaws will surface helping you to negotiate the price of the building in question.
Having a pre-purchase building inspection does put your mind at rest but it is not enough as is. A pest inspection which can also be termed as a timber pest inspection ought to be done as well to ensure your home’s future has not become the home of hibernating pests which were not detected during the building inspection.
A building inspection and a pest inspection may have some points in common but are two completely different things. During a building inspection, the building may be found to be in good condition but a timber inspection involves inspecting a radius of 30m all around the main building.

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