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Archytas Apicifer

Archytas apicifer is a fly in the family Tachinidae. These large flies can be seen pollinating flowers in summer where the resemblance to bees gives them some protection from predators. Like many Tachinids, the immatures feed on other insects.  The female flies lay their eggs on several species of caterpillar including armyworms, fall webworm, cutworms and hornworms. The fly larvae hatch and burrow into the host caterpillar, kill it and feed on the tissue. Archytas apicifer is common in Indiana and is distributed throughout North and South America

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Leaf-footed Bugs

Look at the picture above and the one below.  You may notice a resemblance to some of the insects I’ve talked about in my most recent posts.  However, despite their similar appearance these bugs are actually two different types of insects from two very different families.  The insect above is an herbivorous leaf-footed bug (Coreidae), while the bug below is a carnivorous assassin bug (Reduviidae).  In fact, many leaf-footed bugs and assassin bugs in the field bear a striking resemblance to each other.

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