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Garbage Bags

UV Light

UV light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelength shorter than that of visible light. The frequencies are invisible to human eyes but visible to many insects.

Insects are capable of detecting UV and colors using photoreceptors. Bees, flies and ants are able to simultaneously receive information from the wavelength and e-vector (vector representing the electric field of an electromagnetic wave) of incoming light using its receptors.

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Glue Board Traps


A Pheromone Trap is one kind of fly trap that uses powerful sexual attractants, or “pheromones”, to lure most small flies and filth flies to a sticky glue pad where they are unable to escape once captured.

Pheromone Glue Boards may be used in any situation where flies are a problem and toxic chemical control is not desired. Hospeco Glue Board Fly Traps with pheromones, are ideal for homes, garages, offices, etc.,

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