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Sanitary Bin

– The Fresh & Clean sanitary disposal service is designed to provide maximum comfort for female employees and customers.

– The sanitary disposal unit is sanitized with an antibacterial liner to ensure a hygienic disposal method.

– The liner is perfumed, releasing a pleasant fragrance between services.

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Feminine Sanitary Bag Dispensers

–       Box contains 50 interleaved plastic bags

–       Sturdy plastic

–       Box refill size: 3 1/2 ” x 5” x 1/2”

Feminine Sanitary Bag

Feminine sanitary disposal bags specially designed for safe, easy and clean disposal of feminine care products—sanitary pads, tampons and applicators, personal care wipes, and panty liners.

Hospeco sanitary disposal bags are personal size biodegradable scented plastic bags with a contemporary green design (plain white available), tie handle closure and built in antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria.

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