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Bed Bugs

bed bugsBed Bugs first traveled to the United States from Europe during the 17th century. Hitchhikers by nature, Bed Bugs like to travel from person to person, feeding on human blood.  They get their name because they prefer to inhabit and feed in beds. Although Bed Bugs can dine on any warm-blooded animal, their preferred choice is to dine on humans.

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Cluster Flies

fliesCluster Flies

Cluster flies are slightly larger than the Common House Fly at about 5/16ths of an inch long (7mm). There are no distinct lines or stripes behind the head, is non-metallic, light in color and the abdomen has irregular light and dark gray areas. These flies appear during late autumn, winter, and early spring at windows and in rooms not frequently used. When crushed, they leave a greasy spot on upholstery, carpets and wood surfaces, an annoyance in itself causing many people to seek cluster fly control.

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Spider Pest Control


Cellar Spider (Daddy Longlegs)

Cellar Spiders spin large, tangled webs in dark, damp areas, such as crawl spaces, basements, doorways, garages and sheds, all places that should be examined during spider pest control procedures. Their extremely long legs make the spiders appear much larger, giving them their nickname “Daddy Longlegs” but in all actuality, the spider is only 3/4th of an inch in body length. They are pale, whitish or cream in coloring.

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