UV Fly Traps

UV Fly Traps

UV Fly Traps are designed with an alluring scent that traps and kills flying insects such as flies. These Pheromone traps have twice the trapping power of other comparable traps because they are “double” baited, they contain both pheromone and a food scent lure.

UV Fly Traps are great to use in those sensitive areas where insecticides are discouraged or prohibited as they do not contain any harmful or dangerous poisons or chemicals. By using this product you are not just monitoring a fly infestation, you are working to control it as well. Early indication of a fly infestation via a trap will give you time to treat a given area before the roach population has time to grow

Glue Board Fly Traps are designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. Its compact size and direct plug-in features allow the light to be placed in any outlet. The Fly Trap uses an insect attracting lamp to lure insects to the adhesive trapping board.

Highly Recommended

–       Indoors

–       Food preparation areas, kitchen, food court

–       Meat shops

–       Grocery stores

–       Market

Benefits of Ultraviolet Pheromone Fly Traps

–       Ultraviolet rays are not harmful to people or pets

–       No unpleasant odors.

–       Powerful ultraviolet light provides for optimum coverage.

–       UV rays attract a wide range of flying insects, not just flies.

–       Many ultraviolet fly traps are designed to look like ordinary light fixtures, making them perfect for discreet control in public venues.

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