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Pest Control Services Quezon City: Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Though only about 6 to 25 mm in length, an earwig can look like a fairly intimidating insect. It may be because of its formidable pincers on the end of its abdomen. It may be because it is a creature known for crawling into the ears of sleeping people and laying its eggs. Whatever the reason that has driven you here to find out whether or not earwigs are dangerous, we’re glad you stopped by. There are many dangerous insects that can get into our homes. They come to bite us, inject our skin with venom, infect us with pathogens, and taint our foods and food prep surfaces with harmful bacteria. Fortunately, the earwig is not one of these.

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How To Ensure Your Bed Bugs Never Come Back

After the sleepless nights and itchy mornings, days of washing, vacuuming, cleaning and of course a call to the professionals, the bed bugs are finally gone. Now, how do you keep the bed bugs out of your home for good while maintaining your sanity?

The first step in preventing a bed bug infestation is to keep on looking for bugs. Bed bugs are roughly the size of apple seeds with oval-shaped bodies. They are wingless insects with six legs and can range in color from almost white to brown. Bed bugs turn the recognizable rusty-red color after feeding.

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Rodent Infestations in Your Home

One of the biggest concerns for local homeowners is how to prevent rodents from getting indoors. In most cases, you may not recognize rodent entry points until an infestation occurs. Rodents enter homes through cracks and holes that can be found in foundations, walls, and floors. Rodent body shapes make it easy for the creatures to fit through extremely small holes.

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