Aerosol Spray Cans

Aerosol Air Fresheners, freshen the air and eliminate malodors with continuous metered deodorization. These handsome battery operated units dispense up to 6000 metered sprays (we offer 3000 and 6000 sprays) from each refill.

–       Covers up to 6000 squarefeet

–       Provides 30 days of continuous deodorization when the dispenser is set for 24hour function at 15minute intervals By adjusting operational settings to day or night you will extend the life of the can.

–        Decreasing the intervals between sprays will deplete the can faster; increasing the spray intervals will extend the cans

Recommend: Offices, homes/cottages, RV/boats,  lobby, hotels, conference halls, restaurants and dining areas, restrooms

Scents: Isabella, Frangipangi, Baby Powder, Refreshing Mint, Delicious Apple, Tropical, Lemonaire, Canilla, Moonlight, Mango, Fresh Bamboo, Harmonie