Agchem Products – Herbicides – Agroxone

Agroxone is a water based herbicide registered for use vs. broadleaves and sedges in rice, corn, sugarcane and lawns. Unlike other herbicides, Agroxone is proven effective against weeds but has no ‘burning’ effect on crops, especially in rice.

Agroxone is available in 3 pack sizes: 32 oz., 16 oz and 8 oz

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I. Brand Name Agroxone
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient MCPA
Mode of Action Contact, Hormone type
Herbicide Group Phenoxy
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate
Manufacturer Agchem Manufacturing
Pack Sizes 1000 ml
500 ml
250 ml

Crop and Pest Registration

Target Weeds

(Tbsp / 16 L Water
Lawns &
Broadleaves & Sedges 3 – 6

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

MCPA hormone herbicide • Effective against broadleaves & sedges
• Proven efficacy
•Assured control of broadleaves and sedges
Water-based • No phytotoxicity • No burning or stunting of rice plants
Multi-crop usage • Can be used in rice, corn, sugarcane, lawns • Additional control of weeds other crops
Post-emergent • Can be used in TP and DS Rice
• Wider window of application
• Flexibility in cultural practice
• More options of application timing-farmers convenience
Distributed by Jardine • Consistent quality • Assured crop protection