Agchem Products – Insecticides – Nurelle

Nurelle is a broad spectrum insecticide that contains two active ingredients, namely: chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin. Cypermethrin provides quick action while chlorpyrifos ensures long residual action. These two ingredients make Nurelle more effective in controlling hoppers and borers.

Nurelle is a quality product of Dow AgroSciences USA, one of the leading agrochemical manufacturers worldwide.

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I. Brand Name Nurelle
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Chlorpyrifos + Cypermethrin
Solvent Aromatic Hydrocarbon 150
Mode of Action Contact, stomach & vapor
Insecticide Group Organophosphate + Synthetic Pyrethoid
Manufacturer Dow AgroSciences
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Pack Sizes 1000 ml
500 ml
250 ml

Crop and Pests Registration

Target Pests
Rice Whorl Maggot
Green Leafhopper
Brown Planthpper


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

With two active ingredients (Chlorpyrifos + Cypermethrin) • Triple killing action (vapor, contact & stomach) & with quick knockdown • With quick action to insect pests & longer protection for crops
• Longer spray intervals
Broad spectrum
(borers + hoppers)
• Can be used singly, no need for “cocktail” or mixture • Economical to use, more savings
Made in the by Dow AgroSciences • Consistently high quality • Assured efficacy