Agchem Products – Insecticides – Padan

Padan is a systemic insecticide highly effective against chewing, sucking and boring insects. It is registered for use in rice, crucifiers, cucurbits, onion, potato and mango.
In rice, Padan is highly effective in stemborers. Only 1 box (500 g) is needed to spray a hectare of rice field. (See Palay brochure.)
In mango, Padan is used to control mango hoppers. It is highly recommended as “Paba-on Spray” (Pre-bloom Stage), in combination with Applaud 10 WP. (See Mangaling brochure.)
In vegetable, Padan is widely used for the control of Diamond Black Moth, Cutworms and Leaf Miners.

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I. Brand Name Padan 50 SP
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Cartap Hydrochloride
Mode of Action Systemic Insecticide
Insecticide Group Nereistoxin Analogue
Manufacturer Sumitomo Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Formulation Soluble Powder (SP)
Pack Sizes 500-gram box containing 5 x 100 g sachets


Crop and Pests Registration


Target Pests


(Tbsp / 16L Water)

Rice StemborersWhorl Maggots

Green Leafhoppers

Brown Planthoppers

3 – 5

Crucifers (Cabbage,Cauliflower, Pechay,

Brocolli, etc.)

Diamond-back MothAphids

Cabbage Moth

Cabbage Butterfly

Cabbage Worm

1.5 – 2

Cucurbits (Watermelon,Melon, Ampalaya,

Squash, etc.)


Squash Beetles

1.5 – 2

Garlic ThripsCutworms

1.5 – 2

Onion ThripsCutworms

1.5 – 2

White Potato Leaf MinersThrips





1.5 – 2

Mango Mango Hoppers

1.5 – 2


II. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Systemic Insecticide • Highly effective againstborers and miners • Assured protection
Kills adults, larvae &eggs • Borers are killed atwhatever stage of theirlife cycle (“Walang Kawala”)• Prevent population build-up • Total protection• Less frequency of spraying
Unique mode of action • Resistance breaker• Good as alternate spray • Prevents development of resistant population
Long residual activity • Kills migrant pests •Less spraying more economical
Low impact to beneficial insects • IPM compatible • Environment friendly
Individually labelled sachets • Can be boughton “tingi” (per sachet)by small growers • Convenient• Affordable
Blue-colored Powder • Original Cartap• Proven and Tested • Reliable