Agchem Products – Plant Growth Regulator – Paclo

Paclo 25 SC is a Paclobutrazol containing Plant Growth Regulator that inhibits gibberellin synthesis in plants resulting to retardation of vegetative growth and diversion of energy to promote reproductive growth. This action of Paclo is highly beneficial in mango production where fruiting is highly seasonal.

Application of Paclo makes off-season flowering possible increasing income due high farm gate prices at harvest. In large mango plantations, it is a useful tool in making trees to flower simultaneously in an area for easy management.

Due to diversion of energy to reproductive growth, Paclo-treated trees produced not only more number of fruits but also more export quality fruits.

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I. Brand Name Paclo 25 SC
II. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Paclobutrazol
Mode of Action Gibberellin synthesis inhibitor
Retard vegetative growth & hasten flush maturation
Chemical Group Triazole
Formulation SC
Manufacturer Fullong Chemicals
Stability Stable at all temperatures up to 50o Celsius
Pack Sizes 250 ml
500 ml
1000 ml