Agchem Products – Plant Growth Regulator – Steady

Steady 10 WP is a plant growth regulator and is taken up by leaves, stems and root tissues and trans-located to the growing points of the plants. It is a new technology and breakthrough product that will help to make rice stalks stronger and healthier.

Steady 10 WP regulates the stem length and makes the stem stronger to support heavy panicles. This prevents shattering of grains especially during heavy rain and strong winds therefore resulting in higher yield. Strong stalks also make the leaves erect and straight which is beneficial in catching the sunlight.

Steady 10 WP also makes the plants grow vigorously as nutrients intended for the stem is channeled to other plant parts such as roots. It makes the roots bigger and longer for nutrient absorption from the soil. High amount of nutrients translate to higher yield. Steady 10 WP is tried and tested by farmers in Asia and other neighboring countries.
Steady 10 WP is packed in individually-labeled sachet and is convenient and easy to use. One sachet containing 80 grams is good for one 16-liter spray load. One box containing 10 sachets is good for one hectare per spray.
Apply first spraying of Steady 10 WP at 25 to 30 DAT/DAS.
Apply second spraying at 40 to 45 DAT/DAS.

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I.  Brand Name Steady
II. Techno Commercial Details
Formulation Wettable Powder
Supplier Kemistar Corporation
Pack Size 80-gram pack; 10 packs/box; 12 boxes/case
Recommended Rate 800 grams per hectare (per one application)
80 grams per 16-liter sprayer


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Plant Growth Regulator • Retards vegetative growth thus making the stems stronger • Prevents lodging, peace of mind
Proven and tested • Supported by long experience as commonly used in neighboring countries • Assured yield without loss due to lodging
No toxicological concerns • No major environmental concerns • Less hazardous to users
• Low toxicity to bees, fish and other soil micro-organisms
Distributed by JDI • Many years of partnering Filipino Farmers • Distributor of quality products
• Effective and quality technical services