Agchem Products – Plant Nutrition – Limelite

Limelite is the more convenient and less-expensive alternative to laborious process of applying agricultural lime in correcting soil acidity.
Limelite is ionized calcium powder that reacts quickly with the soil to increase soil pH. And since it is purely organic, using Limelite is safe to the user, the crop, the consumer and the environment.

In convenient sprayable formulation, only 2.4kg of Limelite is needed per hectare as compared to the recommended truckloads (5 to 10 metric tons) of agricultural lime conventionally used.

With improved soil pH levels from Limelite, plant nutrients become more readily available for better plant nutrition that promotes better crop stand and higher marketable yield.

I.  Brand Name Limelite
II. Techno Commercial Details
Description Purely organic, ionized soluble calcium powder soil conditioner and growth agent
Composition Calcium 62.2g/100g
Iron 37.5mg/100g
Magnesium 457mg/100g
Supplier Agri-fit Corporation
Pack Size 40-gm packs; 15 packs / box; 20 boxes / case
Recommended Rate 2.4 kg per hectare
40 grams per 16-liter sprayer
480 liters per hectare volume of spray


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Sprayable formulation • Easy to apply, reduced labor costs • More economical, more savings
Small quantity required • Reduced labor costs and transportation costs • More economical, more savings
Fast stabilizing effect • Soil nutrients become readily available • Higher yield, more income
Improves plant nutrient uptake • Provides better crop growth and development • Higher yield, more income
No adverse effect on crop • Flexible timing of application • Ease of application, peace of mind
No adverse effect on soil properties from prolonged use • Does not cause soil hardening • Efficient use of nutrients of plants, higher yield