Agchem Products – Seeds – TH-82

US Agriseeds TH-82 is a breakthrough hybrid rice variety that can potentially double the yield of conventional inbred varieties. TH-82 was developed using true-to-type tropical parent lines making it more suitable to the tropical conditions in the Philippines. TH-82 produces more sturdy tillers that are not prone to lodging despite the longer panicles and greater number of filled grains. Tolerance to insect pests and diseases is likewise another desirable trait of TH-82.

Quality of rice from TH-82 likewise provides better returns due to its high milling recovery and high headrice recovery. Milled rice from TH-82 possess good aroma and cooked rice has a desirable taste.

US Agriseeds TH-82 is developed by Seedworks International Pvt. Ltd.

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I.  Brand Name US Agriseeds TH-82
II. Techno Commercial Details
Description Hybrid Seeds
Germination 85% and up
Hybridity 97%
Developer / Producer Seedworks International Pvt. Ltd.
Pack Size 3 kg bags
Recommended Rate 15 kg per hectare
III. Variety Characteristics
  Maturity 110 days, medium maturity
Plant Height 112 cm
Grain Length Medium Grain
Milling Recovery 67 %
Headrice Recovery 57% Premium to Grade I*
Amylose Content 23%


IV. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Milling recovery greater than 67%
Headrice recovery greater than 57%
• Preferred by millers, potentially bought at premium price • Higher Income
High germination • More seedlings planted, only 15 kg needed per hectare • Economical, lower investment cost
High tillering with wide green and erect leaves • More panicles, more filled grains • Higher yield, more income
More grains per panicle • More yield from the same farm area • Higher income
Tolerant to Bacterial Leaf Blight and Tungro • Savings on pesticides • Ensured harvest, peace of mind
Sturdy plant of ideal height • Not prone to lodging due to heavier grains • No harvest loss from lodging
High quality packaging • Pest-resistant, moisture resistant • More protection for your investment