Agchem Products – Seeds – US-88

US Agriseeds US-88 is a new long-grain, medium maturing (115 days) hybrid rice variety. It is a high-quality variety bred from tropical parent lines that suits well to the tropical climate of the country.

Aside from the additional yield as compared to conventional varieties, US Agriseeds US-88 also provides high quality grains with good milling and eating properties to command higher prices and therefore increase farmers’ incomes.

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I. Brand Name US Agriseeds US-88
II. Techno Commercial Details
Description Hybrid Rice seeds
Germination 85% and up
Hybridity 97%
Developer / Producer Seedworks International Pvt. Ltd.
Pack Size 5 kg bags
Recommended Rate 15 kg per hectare
III. Variety Characteristics
Maturity 110-115 days, medium maturity
Plant Height 115 cm
Grain Length 7.2mm, Long, Slender
Milling Recovery GR I>65-70%*
Headrice Recovery 41% G2*
Amylose Content 16.3%


IV. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Long grain, 7.2 mm slender • More appealing to traders / millers • Higher earnings
Milling recovery, Grade I > 65% to 70% • More grains sold at Grade I Premium grade • Higher earnings
High germination • More seedlings planted, more area covered • Cost-effective, more productive plant increase yield and income
Tolerant to BLB Tungro • No impact on plant’s production ability; minimizes use of pesticides • Ensures high yield; savings on pesticides
Sturdy, medium plant height at 115 cm • Ability to carry weight of longer panicles; tolerance of strong winds and elements • Minimized losses from lodging
High quality packaging • Less susceptible to rodent attacks; prevents moisture build-up prolonging viability • Protects farmer investment on rice seeds