Pavement Ants, commonly referred to Common Ants, are usually seen around homes where there are adequate food and water sources. It is believed that these ants were brought to the United States upon merchant trade ships during the 1700s to 1800s. The Pavement Ant inhabits the soil from New England to the Midwest, and in the south through the Mid-Atlantic States to Tennessee.

They feed on a wide variety of foods, but the workers are partial to the sweet honeydew produced by aphids, scales and mealy bugs found feeding on trees and plants. Fruit trees, roses and many shrubs serve as hosts for aphids and may contribute to ant infestations in homes and buildings. Most infestations inside are the result of workers searching for food.

Workers of this species measure about 1/8 inch in length. Colonies can contain multiple queens who are two to three times larger than the workers. On occasion, a colony or part of a colony may establish itself inside a wall, behind brick veneer or beneath the carpet by a doorway.

The best way for Pavement Ant pest control is through the use of baits. Call Cat’s Eye King Pest Control if you think you may have a problem. Our licensed and trained professionals will inspect your home and assess what we can do to help resolve the problem.

Most importantly, remember to keep your food off the counters!

fire antsFire Ants

Fire Ants pose a health risk to anyone venturing into areas where the ants are found. Although the vast majority of stings result only in a raised welt that develops into a white abscess, a person allergic to insect stings could experience a more serious reaction. Additionally, a person seldom receives just one sting. Rather, dozens or even hundreds of stings can be inflicted quickly on a person accidentally kneeling or standing next to or on a Fire Ant mound.

Fire Ants are reddish brown and are easily distinguishable from other ants .The size of the worker in the colony can range from an 1/8th of an inch to almost 3/8th of an inch in length.

The Fire Ant can cause an extreme amount of damage if left alone and untreated. Their colonies can grow quickly, which can have an adverse affect on the rest of the ecosystem. The presence of a large colony can dramatically reduce populations of native ants, other insects, and even ground-nesting wildlife. They can invade your home, your children’s school yard, athletic fields, and parks. They will damage crops, golf courses, and electrical equipment, amounting to billions of dollars each year in repairs and eradication. Once they have invaded an area, fire ant pest control is necessary to resolve problems and eliminate these creatures.

Pharoah AntsPharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants, believed to have come from Africa within the last one hundred years, are just now becoming a serious concern in the United States. They are becoming an issue mostly in multifamily building, hotels, warehouses, grocery stores, and other places where there is an adequate food and water source. A Pharaoh Ant infestation can also pose a serious health risk in hospitals and veterinary clinics where they are drawn to intravenous units, medical provisions, and open wounds.

All workers are the same size, 1/16th of an inch in length. Their coloring ranges from yellow to light brown to reddish, although the tip of the abdomen may be somewhat darker.

The use of a standard liquid treatment is usually unsuccessful because the liquid treatment actually repels the ants, sometimes causing the colonies to move or even split into more colonies. The most practical and successful Pharaoh Ant pest control is the use of baits. Just like with any ant, keeping counter tops clean and using other sanitation measures will only enhance the success of the treatment process.

Most importantly, if you think you have problems with Pharaoh Ants, call Cat’s Eye King Pest Control. Our licensed and trained professionals will inspect your home and assess what we can do to help resolve the problem!

ghost antsGhost Ants

Ghost Ants got their name by looking and acting like tiny, white specters that suddenly appear and disappear. Like any other ant species, Ghost Ants do have a sweet tooth and prefer to feed on sweet treats.

Ghost Ants are about 1/16th of an inch in length, or about the size of a pin head. They have a black head and thorax and a pale, gray body, almost transparent looking. Because of their light color and small size, Ghost Ants seem to move quickly and therefore are hard to track. Ghost Ants can be found in mostly warm climates or tropical areas.

A home can be overrun with these little creatures in no time if no preventative measures are taken to combat the possibility of an infestation. Call Cat’ghost antss Eye King Pest Control if you think you have a problem with Ghost Ants. Our licensed and trained professionals will inspect your home and assess what we can do to help with ghost ant pest control.