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Toilet Sanitizer Fluid

Will be dispensed using a Toilet Sanitizer Dispenser

Is a cleaning solution directly into the bowl without harming toilet tank parts.

Every plumber knows that there is nothing more destructive to toilet tank components than drop-in bleach tablets. The alternative is our Hospeco Toilet Bowl cleaning system. This automatic cleanser puts a cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the toilet flush valve with every flush, so no chemicals ever touch the toilet flapper or toilet fill valve. This prevents the damage that a drop-in tablet normally inflicts while keeping the bowl clean and sparkling read more

Toilet Bowl Clip

Toilet Bowl Clip

Freshens the air for 30 days

  • Unique patent-pending material contains 30x more air freshener than standard rimsticks.
  • Gradually releases air freshener over 30 days.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Low VOC (compliant in all 50 states, Europe, N. America).
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Will not dissolve in, or pollute water.
  • read more

    Syar Urinal Tab Cleaner

    Syar Urinal Tab Cleaner

    Star Urinal Tab Cleaner works on organic wastes which are the source of urinal bad odours and clogging.

    Primary Function: Upon flushing, a portion of the Star Tab is dissolved, releasing the ingredients with its refeshing scent.

    Microbial tablet breaks down sewage

    Long Lasting Freshness: read more

    Vinyl Urinal Screen

    Vinyl Urinal Screen

    30 day AMAZING fragrance!

    No more extensive cleaning!

    Automatically CLEANS, FRESHENS, DEODORIZES AND DISINFECTS urinals after every flush!


    • Gives continuous odor control and air freshening that lasts for 30 days
    • Natural oils ensure quality fragrances that are more appealing.
    • Freshens urinal with 10 times more fragrance, gradually released over


    • Conforms to the urinal to trap debris
    • Shrinks in size as it releases beneficial bacterial, odor counteractants
    • Translucent design allows full view of the urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow
    • Safe for waterless urinals. VOC Compliant, recyclable material,



    • Reduces splashing. It will not be impaired by acid or caustics
    • Helps eliminate odors while preventing clogging
    • Protects against costly maintenance and replacement of pipe work, fixture or fitting
    • Maintains plumping pipe
    • Porous material traps more debris and can be molded to better protect drain

    Scents: Scents:

    Mint, Citrus, Bubble Gum, Apple, Cherry

    Recommended for Use:

    Offices, Schools, Malls, Restaurants, Industrial, Public establishments with high traffic read more

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