Urinal Vinyl (W/ Enzymes)

Vinyl Urinal Screen with Enzymes! With Enzymes that kills odour causing bacteria 30 day AMAZING fragrance! No more extensive cleaning! Automatically CLEANS, FRESHENS, DEODORIZES AND DISINFECTS urinals after every flush! Eliminates Odors: Releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odors.   Lasts Longer: Gradual fragrance release ensures 30-day performance. Saves Time & Money: …

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Toilet Set Cover

Toilet Set Cover Guards against E-coli, Staph, herpes and other infections that can be passed by contact with toilet seats. Made of fine white bleached tissues 250 PCS/Pack

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Dispenses single or half-fold toilet seat covers from beveled opening. Dispenser fills from bottom through concealed opening.   –       Stainless Steel –       Translucent black housing color. –       Easy to install. –       Designed to dispense one seat cover at a time. –       Ideal for any public restroom. –       Dimensions: H 285mm X …

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