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Bed Bugs Are Such a Big Fall Pest?

Bed bugs are an indoor pest. They are rarely found outside. Therefore, the climate outdoors is not really a factor for why bed bugs are a big problem in the fall. While other pests are trying to get into your home to get away from the cold, bed bugs are already inside (somewhere). They’re not hanging out on your exterior walls, looking for a hole or crack to exploit. So, why are they a threat in the fall? read more

The Basics of Termites & Termite Control

Termites are frequently found infesting homes and buildings, creating major problems for homeowners and tenants by actively feeding on timber structures like: homes, buildings, telephone poles, and trees. They will feed on almost anything made of wood.

Within a colony of termites, you’ll find members of different social classes, each with a specific task to perform. Each class is reliant upon the other for the continued survival of the entire termite colony. The five different termite social classes include: the king, the queen, soldiers, workers, and what is called the winged reproductive which are young kings and queens dedicated to reproducing. read more

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Pest Control

Where there’s food, there are pests — it’s an unfortunate truth all restaurant owners face. The abundance of snacking opportunities, ideal moisture and temperature conditions, and sites perfect for harboring critters, creates plenty of potential for unwanted dinner guests.

Whether it’s flies in your dining room or rodents in dry storage, unwanted pests will be a bust for any business. A significant pest problem will even prevent you from complying with the necessary health department regulations to keep your restaurant open to the public. read more

Commercial Exterminators

Your business is an asset that needs protection and it is constantly under attack — although not from the sources you may have in mind.

Office BuildingTermites, roaches, rats, and other pests can undermine your commercial property’s ability to properly function, causing possible sanitation issues, electrical malfunctions and general unsightliness read more

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