De-Clutter Your Home

Spiders are the perfect reason for you to de-clutter your home. Spiders love the shadows and they tend to hide in them.
To keep them away from your residence, you will have start with clearing up your home and not make it so comfortable for them.
It is best to begin your de-cluttering process with the random piles of books, papers, shoes or even those old clothes you have in your cupboard. That is right! They lurk around the cupboard too. Cutting up their food supply also helps.
Other bugs like to hide around clutter and so organizing your food containers and storing them well helps.
Getting rid of food, you don’t need and even putting them into containers that are airtight helps in keeping them away.
Plastic containers that can be sealed are the best to keep spiders away and helping the food last longer. And ensure that you vacuum and dust your home on a regular basis. This acts as the best way to keep those pesky insects away.

Protect your home’s surrounding
Spiders love things that pile up outside the home too. Moving those non-essentials away from the home is the best option.
Those large piles of leaves and all that firewood you stack up are the best place for spiders to lurk and make a home. Move your compost bins away from the house, trim your gardens and overgrown trees and shrubs.
This helps in cutting off their food supply and those annoying spiders will move elsewhere. Spiders are good for your garden but you do want to separate your garden from your home.
Sweep away those webs
Spiders hate having their homes swept away. They do just about anything to survive and so the less effort they must make the better they survive.

When you keep disturbing their home, they deem the area as unsafe and move elsewhere. Some of the best ways to get rid of those webs are with a long stick or a broom and go hunting.
Clear out webs you find in your home, garage or even those you find around and outside your doors and windows. Especially those you are planning on keeping open. However, remember not to clean your garden and yards too frequently.
Less lighting for outdoor areas
Bugs love the warmth and lights provide them with this alluring and comfortable need. Spiders go to where the bugs are and they munch on them.
Opting for less of outdoor lighting or using your porch lights to the minimum is an excellent suggestion.
Shut off your lights for a certain amount of time, this draws in less bugs and this ensures that less interested spiders enter your home.
Pesticides and home remedies are the best
After all this hard work of sweeping and opting for less lighting if there still are spots in your home that trouble you, you have one more fail-proof option.
If you don’t want to resolve to using pesticides then there are a few homemade remedies to keep them away. Spiders can be kept away by you lightly spraying peppermint oil and vinegar in parts of your home.
Try mixing half a cup of vinegar with one and a half cup of water and then add twenty drops of peppermint essential oil. This mixture can be rubbed along the entryways and other troublesome spots in your home that are prone for spiders.
Eucalyptus oil is another perfect substitute that can work well instead of peppermint. If you are up for a thorough heavy-duty cleansing of your home, try using pesticides found in home improvement stores.