Maximize Your Bedbug Heat Treatment

Maximize Your Bedbug Heat Treatment

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs fast, a heat treatment is going to be your best solution. Heat treatments are a one day treatment that requires little to no preparation and offers the most effective means of elimination.

The drawback is that they are also still relatively expensive. So if you are going to shell out the money for one of these heat treatments, you will want to think of a few things in advance.

Lets start at the beginning, back when you got the inspection. Was it a bedbug K9 that came out to inspect or a technician? You will want to ask either one to also inspect your car if they didn’t already do so. You don’t want to pay all that money, leave for the day with bedbugs in your car, have one get into your shoe, and bring a live one beck into the home to potentially re-infest the whole house again.

If there are bedbugs found in your car you may want to plan to coordinate the heat with a car fumigation. Some of your larger pest control companies will offer this. It takes some coordination, but the car and the house should be done on the same day.

The other thing to think about is how you leave your home on the day of treatment. You don’t want to put on your sneakers that may have bedbugs on them and put your winter coat on that may have bedbugs, while your wife grabs her pocket book that may have bed bugs in it and leave. All you are doing is throwing thousands of dollars out the door with a heat treatment that will fail because you brought the buggers back into the home when you returned that night.

So what to do? Well, to start off, put the outfit, your sneakers, and your winter coat into a hot dryer for a half hour. When they have been heated, put the outfit in a large zip lock bag and your sneakers in the same. Put your coat in the car (assuming there are no bugs in the car) and then then next morning take your shower, get dressed in your bed bug free cloths, and leave immediately. Leave the purse behind, take only your identification and some money.
This is how you have a successful heat treatment.