Navotas City | What substances are not regulated as pesticides for pest control?

The Philippines definition of pesticides is quite broad, but it does have some exclusions:

  • Drugs used to control diseases of humans or animals (such as livestock and pets) are not considered pesticides; such drugs are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Fertilizers, nutrients, and other substances used to promote plant survival and health are not considered plant growth regulators and thus are not pesticides.
  • Biological control agents, except for certain microorganisms, are exempted from regulation by FPA. (Biological control agents include beneficial predators such as birds or ladybugs that eat insect pests.)
  • Products which contain certain low-risk ingredients, such as garlic and mint oil, have been exempted from registration requirements, although regulatory requirements may still apply. For a list of ingredients which may be exempt, and a discussion of allowable label claims for such products.