Pasay City | Pest Control Services: What to Look For

You want to find a service that will guarantee their treatments. That means coming back a week later if you see wasps beginning to make nests. Of course, you want to find the best service so we laid out the most important criteria to consider when picking a company:

A professional pest control company should cover both residential and commercial pest control treatments. They should tell you exactly what procedures you are paying for. Look for a company that will give you a breakdown of where they will treat and what pest control products they are using. Most companies will give you free inspections of termites, ants and bedbugs then supply you with a quote. Many services are embracing organic pest control and are using products that don’t hurt the environment.

Customer Support
It’s essential that companies guarantee their work and will return as often as you need them to. If you are paying a company for lawn pest control, then you want to make sure they actually take care of your bug problem. You shouldn’t have to pay again and again to get the company to rid your lawn of bugs. Many exterminators monitor areas they have treated and make sure pests don’t return. We also looked to see which services offered 24-hour support and which ones let you manage your own account online.

Covered Pests
This section looks at a company’s coverage of traditional pests like ants, wasps, termites and spiders. But they should take it one step further and control other bugs that are specific to your area. These companies should cover bugs such as bees, bedbugs and cockroaches. Look for exterminators who have termite treatment available, as well as preventative pest control services for mosquitoes, boxelder bugs, fleas and wildlife such as snakes, rodents and even birds. If bed bugs are common in your area, make sure you find a company with high marks in bed bug control.

Educational Features
Many company websites give you the option to educate yourself on pests in your area. There are resources like an activity map, showing you what pests you can expect in your area. There are even prevention tips and solutions for current problems. And since we all know kids love bugs, some sites have a section for kids to play games and learn more about creepy-crawlers in an entertaining way.

You can expect pests to be around all year, so bear these factors in mind when searching for a pest control service. Overall, remember that pest control is just that: control. It takes time and you will not see 100 percent improvement in one treatment. But rest assured, we explored the pest exterminators that will help you see positive results in minimal time.