Germisep is effective against bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, spores, algae and fungi.

Why Germisep?

  • Perfect disinfectant that kill bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, spore, algae and fungi
  • Provide a hygienic environment for homes, schools, offices, hospitals, clinics, labs & etc.
  • Less irritation and low toxicity
  • Less tarnishing and corrosive
  • Convenient and stable
  • Safe, easy and accurate
  • Compact and economical
  • Organic resistant
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Hovid Germisep disinfectant tablet is produced with Pharmaceutical Standards, used as a powerful disinfectant after dissolved in water. It kills harmful germs on body wastes, liquid or discharges and contaminated objects. Useful o sterilize reusable laboratory or clinic tools and equipment. Also can be use for general environment disinfection purpose.



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