Syar Urinal Tab Cleaner

Syar Urinal Tab Cleaner

Star Urinal Tab Cleaner works on organic wastes which are the source of urinal bad odours and clogging.

Primary Function: Upon flushing, a portion of the Star Tab is dissolved, releasing the ingredients with its refeshing scent.

Microbial tablet breaks down sewage

Long Lasting Freshness:

Function lasts for 30 days or more!

Especially formulated for consistent action and dissolvbe slowly for extended use.


Pleasant to use, takes up very little space, with its cute star shape.

Works in all types of urinals & troughs.

Easy Installation

No health risk: Does not contain “Paraichlorobenzene,” a known cancer causing chemical (Carcinogens) found in most toilet blocks.

Environmentally safe

Material: Non-toxic, non-corrosiveingredients that will not harm your septic system, drain pipes and of course the environment.