Termite Defense

Termite defense

This article will help you sort out all the products that are available for the control of termites. There are so many techniques and products to choose from it can be intimidating to the novice. So what do you choose or what do you ask your pest control provider to treat your home with? There are termite baits like Advance Termite Baiting System, there are granules like Bayer Advance Termite Killer Granules, there are liquid treatments like Termidor, there are physical barriers like mesh screens, it’s mind boggling. IF you are faced with a termite problem at your home I would recommend simply leaving it up to your professional. DO a little research as to what chemical you want, then ask. I still am a strong believer in Termidor as a full treatment and then maybe using a bait as a back up. The history and research behind Termidor is so strong that it is hard to not chose it. The baits have some good history as well, but if the termite doesn’t find the bait then it is useless. The granules should be used as an add on, never to do a full treatment.