Termite & Pest Control Company Helps Out the Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club has been an important part of this community and served the needs of local kids for generations. Recently, the Club found itself in need of pest control services, so Board Member Tony Berardino contacted Jeff Gavitt, Termite & Pest Control, for a termite inspection and bid. This set the wheels in motion for collaboration among many local companies in the pest control industry.

After the inspection, Gavitt spoke with CEO Jim Pinneo about the possibility of donating fumigation services for the Club’s building. Pinneo quickly agreed that this was a good cause. Gavitt then approached Lee Whitmore of Beneficial Exterminating about donating their services for the labor portion of the fumigation. Whitmore agreed, and called Stan Woodward from Dow AgroSciences, who supplied Vikane gas to eliminate the termites. Whitmore also contacted one of his direct competitors, Manuel Aguilar from Fumigation, to see if his firm would help with additional labor.
It wasn’t long until Gavitt and Whitmore were coordinating the fumigation with Maryanne Edwards, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club, and Jon Whann, Director of Operations for the Boys and Girls Club. The building was covered with multicolored panels from both Beneficial Exterminating and Fumigation, as crews from these competing companies worked together to rid the Club of termites and make it safe for the kids and staff to return. The job was successfully completed in time for the New Year, all at no cost to the Club.