Vinyl Urinal Screen

Vinyl Urinal Screen

30 day AMAZING fragrance!

No more extensive cleaning!

Automatically CLEANS, FRESHENS, DEODORIZES AND DISINFECTS urinals after every flush!


  • Gives continuous odor control and air freshening that lasts for 30 days
  • Natural oils ensure quality fragrances that are more appealing.
  • Freshens urinal with 10 times more fragrance, gradually released over


  • Conforms to the urinal to trap debris
  • Shrinks in size as it releases beneficial bacterial, odor counteractants
  • Translucent design allows full view of the urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow
  • Safe for waterless urinals. VOC Compliant, recyclable material,



  • Reduces splashing. It will not be impaired by acid or caustics
  • Helps eliminate odors while preventing clogging
  • Protects against costly maintenance and replacement of pipe work, fixture or fitting
  • Maintains plumping pipe
  • Porous material traps more debris and can be molded to better protect drain

Scents: Scents:

Mint, Citrus, Bubble Gum, Apple, Cherry

Recommended for Use:

Offices, Schools, Malls, Restaurants, Industrial, Public establishments with high traffic