Wood Preservation and Protection – Woodshield

Woodshield is the BETTER alternative for generic branded wood preservatives, ‘second only to Solignum’. It comes from the makers of Solignum, and is priced competitively to meet the demand of an affordable high quality brand. Woodshield has Colourless and Brown variants.

Woodshield Brochures:

Woodshield MSDS:

I. Brand Name Wood Shield Wood Preservative
II. Variant Clear, Brown
III. Techno – Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Permethrin
Formulation Liquid type, solvent based
Mode of Action Repellant, digestive
Chemical Group Pyrethroid
FPA Category IV, Green label
Application rate Ready to use
Packaging 1 liter can
1 gallon can
Standard Stocking Unit 1 carton x 12 1 liter cans
1 carton x 4 gallon cans


IV. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Insecticidal properties  • Prevents attack from  woodborers  • Provides specific wood  protection at an
affordable price
Solvent based  • Ensures deep active  ingredient penetration  into wood
• Maintains moisture level  of wood
 • Ensures maximum  protection
• Does not swell, distort  wood
• No need to wait for long  drying period
High grade quality materials  • Safe to use  • Reliable product  performance, following
label instructions
Ready to use  • No need to mix or dilute  • Ease in application
Category 4 toxicity level  • Safe to use
• Allows DIY application
 • Less harmful to humans  or the environment